2016 Aug 18

This is how my friends are generating tons of coins and potions - with this pou cheat tool!

Pou Cheat: A mainstream portable application Pou has stolen such a large number of hearts with its adorable feelings. No big surprise, this reenactment amusement is adored by children and grown-ups. It's so straightforward, in fact! Yet, it doesn't imply that you have a great time playing it. You will figure out how to be in charge of your pet. You'll need to bolster, shower, and enthrall your Pou. In the event that this infant pet is wiped out, you'll need to give him/her medicine. Pou cheats will help you to achieve all this.

You deal with Pou as a virtual pet. In any case, you, sooner or later, likewise can act like Pou's maker. You select a sexual orientation for Pou! It should be possible by selecting appropriate dress, cosmetics, haircut and foundation that suits the sex. Pou is brimming with characteristic feelings; he/she can be ravenous, lethargic, or willing for some consideration. Your Pou may demonstrate to you a tragic face for being disregarded and will look lively again after you take him/her for a walk or play some in-application smaller than usual amusements. Then again, you can have a discussion with him/her with a "talkback" highlight.


It's enjoyable to have the capacity to modify your Pou. However, to be completely altered, Pou may require some extraordinary dress, foundations, cosmetics, haircut and different things in the shop which are still opened! To open them, you require the coins you can acquire by sustaining, showering, and stimulating Pou. All in all, would you say you are prepared to deal with Pou? Pou is a mainstream portable application based diversion for Blackberry, iOS and Android Store.It highlights an outsider character that takes after a triangular potato (when unique shading is not changed). In the diversion the character can be nourished, cleaned, worked out, and put to rest.

About Our Pou Cheats

Pou is a device where you can get boundless coins, boundless elixirs and open all things. This apparatus chips away at iOS and Android.You needn't bother with anything to download or introduce, this works on the web.

A few components of our Pou Cheats are : • Get Unlimited Coins • Get Unlimited Potions • Open all things • You don't have to download anything • Takes a shot at iOS Android • Anybody can utilize this • Upgraded and working

To get Pou working you have to choose your Device, click Apple symbol or Android symbol. At that point enter your username or email. Click login, enter number of coins and mixtures and snap catch. There's nothing more to it. The vast majority when playing this amusement have issues, they don't have enough assets which limitates them to be better in the diversion. They have to burn through cash on assets, which I don't care for - paying for some virtual assets. Me and my group, we thought of an online trick apparatus, which will have the capacity to produce a large number of Coins and Potions for players in addition to open things.

2016 May 16

A fast and feverish game by Imangi Studios – Temple Run

Imangi studios bring to you a very interesting treasure hunting adventure game. In Temple Run, the player, having stolen a treasure from the temple, starts running to save himself from demonic moneys like creatures. Explorer has to always be at his heels to save himself from the crazy monkeys. While running you attempt to pass through a twisting maze full of hindrances. Temple Run is not a one or two button game; you have to take a number of actions to play this game. Swiping left or right on the screen will help you to change directions. Some of the obstacles are avoided by either jumping over or sliding under it. There are plenty of coins scattered in your way which can be collected by tilting your smart phone in whichever side the coins are. There are three types of coins which have different values. Golden gives you one credit, red gives you two credits and blue gives you three credits. Upgrades are available in Temple Run without paying any real money. Just with the help of the coins you have earned in the game you can get your game upgraded. For instance, you can get a coin magnet which helps the player to get all the nearby coins without tilting. There are many obstacles in your way for which you can buy a shield for your explorer. The shield does not let you die even if you run into a hurdle. There are daily and weekly challenges which will keep you occupied unless you are done with those.


Why should you play Temple Run?

Temple Run by Imangi Studios is one of the most popular games in recent times. This game can be played by all the age groups. Temple Run is a super addictive game with all the upgrades for free. One of the reasons why this game can easily become a part of your smart phones is that it is absolutely for free and even for upgrades you do not have to purchase anything with the real money. You can just get the upgrades with the help of the coins you have earned in the game. Temple Run has amazing graphics which helps you to run smooth. This is one of the most thrilling and fun running game in a while. Temple Run is a game that is available as an Android game, IOS game and it also works in windows. You can challenge your friends and try to beat their high scores. The game is so easy to play. You just have to run away from monsters which are running right behind you. There is also a sequel to this game which is also doing really well with the players. So just run and keep yourself busy even in your spare time.