How to Get Rid of the Lead in Your Pipes

How to Get Rid of the Lead in Your Pipes

lead pipesIf there is anything that has been a big issue this past year in plumbing, it would definitely be the issue of unwanted particles and elements in pipes; thus, causing a contamination to occur in many people’s tap water—making it no longer safe to drink. The biggest offender of this would be lead.

Lead effects 13% of all the piping in North America. And that number may seem rather low, but it ends up effecting a large portion of cities in the country. To keep your family from feeling the effects and possible defects from contaminated tap water, we suggest having a professional investigate your home’s draining system and even possibly investing in a new set of pipes.

Now, this can be a very expensive endeavor depending on where you live and the rates of the professional plumbing service you hire, but it also keeps your family and the families around you from feeling the effects of lead poisoning.

Having an expert check your pipes entails the plumbing service surveying the outside of your pipes for leaks, damage, and the concentrated levels of unwanted minerals and elements coming from your water tap drain. And if your pipes end up being up to par, you’ve spent a good chunk of money securing your family’s safety. Plus, during these checkups you could have discovered a different piping issue that you otherwise never would have been informed of.

To further prevent any lead poisoning or the consumption of harmful particles that could come through your water tap, one would suggest investing in a water filter. These pitchers can hold up to gallons of filtered and clean water while being refrigerated for months. This way you put an extra extension of prevention to ensure you are drinking clean, fresh, and safe water.

The last and final piece of advice we can give is to be safe and conscientious of your water usage. Keeping your drains clean and clear is something you can have some control over. Be sure to clean out your drains regularly and keep up with how much water you use frequently in a month. This self-kept statistics help you keep tabs on yourself. And if any future pipe or lead related problems can be easily spotted because you’ll be hyper aware to the negative change in your plumbing system.

If you follow these tips, you should have a good grasp on your water cleanliness and help keep your community one more healthy and secure stop in America.

To learn more about some lead poisoning issues going on in America right now, read this article.

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